The Woodlands Chinese School

报名+学费信息 Registration + Tuition Info

  1. 林子中文学校本学期继续采取面授方式。
  2. 我们使用网上 Paypal 付费方式, 学费稍做调整,详情见下。
  3. 如果兄弟姐妹同时注册,将获得$10的学费优惠。
  4. 3次课后,学费将不会退还。
  5. 所有课程均在周六。
  6. 新生家长请在头两个星期内完成网上注册登记表。
  7. 学生在开学时必须年满5 岁。


General information about our classes:
  1. The Woodlands Chinese School will continue in-person learning for the coming semester.
  2. You will pay your tuition with Paypal  (tuition is adjusted for this semester, see below).
  3. Families registering siblings will also receive a $10 tuition discount.
  4. The tuition fees will not be refunded after 3 classes.
  5. All classes are held on Saturdays.
  6. Parents of new students will need to fill out an online registration form within two weeks of the semester.
  7. Students must be at least 5 years old at the beginning of the school year.



Registration for this semester is closed.