The Woodlands Chinese School

报名+学费信息 Registration + Tuition Info

How to Register for Classes:


  1. 林子中文学校将在每个学期最后两个星期注册。在此期间,注册的学生可以享受提前注册优惠。
  2. 如果兄弟姐妹同时注册,也将获得$10的学费优惠。
  3. 3次课后,学费将不会退还。
  4. 所有课程均在周六。
  5. 在每个学期的最后两个星期,学校提供提前注册。
  6. 您也可以在每一学期开学上课的第一天为你的孩子的班级注册。
  7. 我们接受现金和支票(支票支付栏请写The Woodlands Chinese School)。您也可以使用网上 Paypal 付费方式 (见下)。
  8. 详细情况将在学生注册时家长须知里提供。
  9. 家长要在头两个星期内完成登记表和其它形式表。学生把表格带回家,由家长填写;请把表格交给老师。
General information about our classes:
  1. The Woodlands Chinese School will begin new registrations in the last two weeks of a current semester. During this time registered students may enjoy an early registration discount.
  2. Families registering siblings will also receive a $10 tuition discount.
  3. Tuition fee will not be refunded after 3 classes.
  4. All classes are held on Saturdays.
  5. When classes open for pre-registration during the last two weeks of a current semester, you may register at the “front desk”.
  6. You may also register for your child’s class on the first day of class at the “front desk”.
  7. We accept cash and check (please make check payable to The Woodlands Chinese School). In addition, we launched the Paypal method so you have the option to pay online (see below).
  8. Details will be provided in the Parents Guide upon student registration.
  9. Families are required to complete the registration form and additional forms within the first two weeks of class. Forms will be sent home with the students, and filled out by parents; please return the forms to the teacher or the “front desk”.
2019-2020 Spring Semester Registration is closed.