The Woodlands Chinese School

Fall semester will start soon 秋季学期开学在即

Dear parents, we are currently working closely with Lone star college in getting ready for the fall semester, which will start in early Sep.. we will keep you posted as soon as we finalize the schedule. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile you can register your child on our website. We encourage both new and returning parents to fill out the online registration form since we are digitizing the information to make it more secure.

亲爱的家长们, 我们目前正在和孤星大学紧密联系开学事宜, 预计九月初开学。 一旦学期安排确定, 我们会及时通知大家。 谢谢大家的配合。 同时您可以在网上注册您的孩子。 新老学生家长请都填写网上的报名表, 以便我们将信息电子化, 这样也使您的信息更安全。